Performances this Friday and Saturday

Ray flowerhead

This Friday and Saturday, November 10th and 11th, 8:00 pm, the artists will show their creations at the Dusty Flower Shop, 2050 Scotia St. in Vancouver, BC.

Shooting Gallery, is an intimate performance series open to dance, theatre
and performance art based in Vancouver, BC.

This 4th edition features work by Julianne Chapple, Sophie Maguire, Billy
Marchenski, Daria Mikhaylyuk and Elizabeth Milton.

Showcasing movement based, experimental, short form works-in-progress and

Doors at 7:30pm. Open seating. Bar available. Drinks permitted in the
performance area. Evening runs approximately 90 minutes.

Tickets are available online here.

Tickets may be available at the door for $20. Because the theatre is quite small, we recommend purchasing your tickets in advance online.


Performances this Friday and Saturday

Meet the Artists – Julianne Chapple


This piece doesn’t have a title yet.

Maybe you can name it for me? Find me in the lobby after the show and tell me what you think.

It started with watching men dance together. I looked closely and could see the details of their interactions; where they were using their strength to smooth out the weight exchanges when their bodies didn’t quite match up. I think this is a reason we don’t see much in the way of women lifting in dance, it requires so more care if you have a smaller frame.

I wanted to discover two things: what could two female bodies really achieve in terms of strength based partnering, and what if we didn’t try to hide those precarious moments?

You’ll see Maxine and me put our trust in each other. You’ll see our muscles shake. You’ll see us hesitate and offer and give in.

This piece doesn’t have an ending yet. I’m trying to take my time and not rush to create something whole. This is a little something; the beginning of a larger exploration.

Meet the Artists – Julianne Chapple

Meet the Artists- Billy Marchenski

the abandoned body



was full of life and activity.

Billy 2

it was declared uninhabitable,
looted and vandalized

and poisoned forever.

Billy 3

now it’s empty,

Billy 4

except for a small group of caretakers

and the odd visitor.

Billy 5

it’s been reclaimed by wild things

Billy 6

that were thought to be extinct

(photos of the chornobyl exclusion zone taken by ali denham and billy marchenski)

Meet the Artists- Billy Marchenski

Meet the artists- Daria Mikhaylyuk


We live in this crazy period of superficiality. All this longing to make something great – but it’s never great; it is always mediocre. And I love that, I just love it when human beings are trying to achieve something and it sort of doesn’t happen. I think it is the ultimate human moment. What often gets in the way is being too clever, or worrying about how something is going to function, or where it is going to be. When you start thinking of something as art, you’re screwed: you’re never going to advance.

About the piece:
As You Desire Me
The subject of the piece doesn’t want to include any personal information, because of the fear to raise assumptions and expectations. The subject of the piece is very concerned about how it is perceived by the audience. It wants to service the viewer, but in a way that will multiply its own value. In order to achieve that, here are the rules which this piece will follow:
– This piece will be extremely modest and polite; it will NOT take up much space as to not come across as rude
– It will NOT contain any overly loud sounds
– It will NOT contain a lot of color out of fear to attract more attention than necessary
– It will NOT discuss any topics which audience is unable to relate to
– It will NOT touch any gender or race issues
– It will be humble and will attempt to erase its own superficiality by over-exaggerating it

The society we live in is Kaput.
Sincerely yours,

Meet the artists- Daria Mikhaylyuk

Curator’s Note- Sarah Gallos

Photo Credit: Cara Tench

It’s that time again, when I get eager with anticipation to see what the Shooting Gallery artists are up to. The next series is happening Nov 10th and 11th at the Dusty Flower Shop, 2050 Scotia Street in Vancouver, where we’ve been producing this performance art series since the very beginning, thanks to support from the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret Society.

This is our fourth edition, FOUR! What started as a means to show work that felt out-of-place in Vancouver, has become a bi-annual presentation in a growing performance landscape. Julianne Chapple and I co-produce the shows and switch off on curating the series. We choose artists that inspire us and others submit proposals to create/ show works in progress. All the artists are given rehearsal space, through the subsidized rental program offered by Green Thumb Theatre.

In this blog post, I’m going to introduce you to the artists that will be making work for the 4th edition of this little performance art series.

Julianne Chapple
Julie is creating a new work for this Shooting Gallery featuring Maxine Chadburn and herself. These two women are strong, like really strong, in all senses of the word. To me, they represent the feminine aesthetic for our time. They climb over each other with the lightest air, making themselves seem delicate as they lift and flip and balance.

Daria Mikhaylyuk
I met Daria through her instagram account. She is elegant, hilarious and very serious. When I finally met her in person, she was dressed in bright green with matching metallic green bag. After introductions, in a soft Russian accent, her first words to tell me more about herself were “I’m a girl.” I’m drawn to her work for this reason. I chose this artist to add some femininity and colour to the Vancouver scene.

Elizabeth Milton
Where Daria is sharing images and video of femininity at the beginning of her career, Elizabeth has been making work that features women since the early 2000’s. Visiting Elizabeth’s website, you encounter a page of media featuring tight-fitting service industry uniforms, lipstick and lemons, fishnets and leopard print, angels and Elizabeth Taylor. I feel like studying Elizabeth’s collection of work could teach me a bit more about myself and how society views my feminine being. Elizabeth is an invited artists to this edition of the Shooting Gallery and I am thrilled she accepted the invitation.

Billy Marchenski
Billy applied to the Shooting Gallery to rework a play he created in 2013 about a visit his partner, Ali Denham, and himself took in 2011 to the Chernobyl Exclusion zone. In his application he spoke of the body extensively and how this work seems more suited to a physical exploration of this experience.
I am currently expecting my second child and I can only start to express how curious about and connected to my body I am right now. Taking a work of words, a play, and turning it into an exploration of what the body experienced excites me. Also having witnessed both Billy and Ali’s work in the past, I was thrilled by the possibility to support these strong artists in their creative process.

Sophie Maguire
When I reviewed Sophie’s application, I had found a new crush; someone making and moving in a way I wasn’t witnessing at the time. I was eager to meet and support her. A new arrival from the American East Coast, trained in modern dance, creator of performance work with her performance group lonely goat, Harvard graduate landscape architect and lover of natural elements. Her application referenced a pleasure garden. Doesn’t that tickle your senses? I know!! So tickled.

Over the next couple of weeks each artist will be blogging and taking over our instagram account. Check it out and make sure you get your tickets for the show here.

See you on the 10th or 11th of November!

-Sarah Gallos

Curator’s Note- Sarah Gallos