Curator’s Note


Image from ‘Follow’ by Sarah Gallos
Image credit: Sheng Ho and the Vines Art Festival

I’m Sarah Gallos, Shooting Gallery Performance Series blogger for this week and curator/ producer for the next production. I was presented with the challenge of deciding what this next group of artists would write about- and that being said; they can write about something completely different if they prefer. THIS is the Shooting Gallery way. Ok, let’s get to it!

I’m curious about how people acknowledge their creativity. When is a thought considered a creative thought? Time spent in my practice is often clogged up with editing before editing is even needed. What would happen if we recognized unedited creative thinking, acknowledge it and used it, rather than changing our way of thinking when we stepped into our practice?

I believe my creativity comes through in everyday actions that are driven by my subconscious.

I often find myself walking close enough to something that I can drag my hand along it. I’ve done it since I was little, and it has lead to some pretty gross “city dust” filth covering my fingertips. In the moment, I go to a sensory place, banking what different textures feel like. These textures have fueled my movement practice. I connect to movement that is driven from a sensory base and I believe that my quirky habit is just practice for a way that I was meant to move.

Another thing I question is how I see my world. When I look at something (anything really – kitchen cabinets, leaves on trees, cars parked on the edge of the street) I find myself searching for patterns. I tend to look at the negative space first and then check if or where that negative space repeats itself. Maybe everyone does this? When I consider my work, I am not immediately shown how this act supports my dancing. In all honesty, it may be why I sometimes struggle with remembering movement patterns. My brain is too concerned with trying to find the pattern rather than being available to simply remember the order of movements.

The next Shooting Gallery Performance Series is 6 weeks away and as I contemplate that, I recognize one more way of being creative, the act of choosing. And man…. do I ever struggle with this. What artists do I bring together? What images do I choose to promote the show? What font do I feel best represents Shooting Gallery? All of these questions, the consideration that go into them and the final outcome- that’s creativity to me. In a way, the choices that I make in all those instances shape me. I am my creativity. Wow! Can I get any artier? Maybe…. Probably, but I’m making the choice to edit myself. Come find me at the show and we can further this discussion.

On that note, come see the show! The events will be happening on Nov 4th and 5th, 2016, at the Dusty Flowershop, in Vancouver, BC. Doors will open at 7:30pm, with a bar offering beer, wine and other non-alcoholic beverages. The performances start at 8pm, and then some discussing and chilling after the show is on deck. Tickets are $15 and can be reserved at

Our Instagram account will be taken over by a different artist every Friday, for a week at a time. As with our performance series, the artists will have full reign of our Instagram account @ShootingGalleryPerformance. Be sure to follow us there and let us know what you like.

All of the artists will also be blogging, posts going up on Sunday and shared via our Facebook group. I’m so curious about how my peers think and am excited to read what they have to share.

I’ll leave you with this last question: Are we all artists, perhaps just out of practice? If that resonates with you, take your creative idea and apply to the next Shoot Gallery Performance Series happening in spring 2017.


Curator’s Note