Meet the Artists- Billy Marchenski

the abandoned body



was full of life and activity.

Billy 2

it was declared uninhabitable,
looted and vandalized

and poisoned forever.

Billy 3

now it’s empty,

Billy 4

except for a small group of caretakers

and the odd visitor.

Billy 5

it’s been reclaimed by wild things

Billy 6

that were thought to be extinct

(photos of the chornobyl exclusion zone taken by ali denham and billy marchenski)

Meet the Artists- Billy Marchenski

Meet the artists- Daria Mikhaylyuk


We live in this crazy period of superficiality. All this longing to make something great – but it’s never great; it is always mediocre. And I love that, I just love it when human beings are trying to achieve something and it sort of doesn’t happen. I think it is the ultimate human moment. What often gets in the way is being too clever, or worrying about how something is going to function, or where it is going to be. When you start thinking of something as art, you’re screwed: you’re never going to advance.

About the piece:
As You Desire Me
The subject of the piece doesn’t want to include any personal information, because of the fear to raise assumptions and expectations. The subject of the piece is very concerned about how it is perceived by the audience. It wants to service the viewer, but in a way that will multiply its own value. In order to achieve that, here are the rules which this piece will follow:
– This piece will be extremely modest and polite; it will NOT take up much space as to not come across as rude
– It will NOT contain any overly loud sounds
– It will NOT contain a lot of color out of fear to attract more attention than necessary
– It will NOT discuss any topics which audience is unable to relate to
– It will NOT touch any gender or race issues
– It will be humble and will attempt to erase its own superficiality by over-exaggerating it

The society we live in is Kaput.
Sincerely yours,

Meet the artists- Daria Mikhaylyuk