Getting to know – Gavin Law

1) Describe your favourite experience performing as an artist?

So far – this solo honestly! Being able to eat and interact with audience members while being completely myself is liberating!

2) How was moving to Toronto affected your career so far?
I’ve gained a lot of perspective, not just in dance, but in all aspects of my life. Vancouver felt like a bit of an insular bubble – I feel like Toronto is much more reflective of the global community and how people interact with one another.
3) What is your favourite guilty pleasure snack?
Lays Sour Cream & Onion Chips.
4) What anime/cartoon series you love to watch?
Currently – Ace of Diamond & Food Wars. Classics include Inuyasha, Naruto, Bleach, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Haikyuu.
5) Who is your inspiration for dance and movement?
Too many to name but personally, the folks I dance with in Nostos Collectives are all inspiring and have pushed me in ways I can’t even count. I definitely wouldn’t be the dancer I am now if it wasn’t for them.
6) What is your favourite spot to chill in Vancouver?
Crab Park!



Getting to know – Gavin Law

Getting to Know – Courtenay Mayes and Chloe Richardson


1) How did the two of you meet? What were your first impressions of each other?

Chlo: blind tiger improv. i liked her coat but i never told her. we locked eyes and the kook in me saw the kook in her.

Co: I really liked that Chloe came to class either literally crying or mid-panic attack. I just related to her instantly.

2) Who is an artist/artwork that you take inspiration from?

Chlo: yorgos lanthimos <33333 and watching the general public. the liveliness, oddities, and interactions leading up to the decision to expose themselves.

Co: I like Bridget Moser.



3) What’s your number 1 song on repeat?

Chlo: rhythm of the night – debarge.

Co: love on the brain – Gigamesh remix – Rihanna

4) Describe the last meal you two shared together?

Chlo: caveman cafe and the saddest spinach salad you’ve ever seen from the remnants of my cupboard.

Co: I like that my friends force me to eat green things because my diet is mostly beige.

5) What TV/Netflix series are you watching these days?

Chlo: portlandia and explained.

Co: I haven’t watched TV since I was 13!

6) What is a “power move” for you?

Chlo: Nude and new on top of a mountain

Co: Saying no! And this thing I can do with my hips 😛


Getting to Know – Courtenay Mayes and Chloe Richardson

Getting to Know – Elliott Sukorokoff

1) What does performing as an artist mean to you?

Performing as an artist allows me to use all of my interest in the fine arts in a way that expresses trauma and aspects of my life I need to work through. I use visual art, music and spoken word to convey these themes.

2) Who are some of your favourite artists/artworks?

My favourite artists include Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan, Cindy Sherman, Cecelia Condit, and Ana Mendieta . I take a lot of inspiration from women who make art with feminist themes and subversive means of expressing them (i.e. macabre content and dark humour).

3) Who is your guilty pleasure when listening to music?

Firstly, I don’t believe in guilty pleasures, I like what I like freely and unhindered. But to keep on point, lately I’ve been listening to Beetlejuice the Musical on repeat, I guess?

4) What books are you reading these days?

I just recently finished the Miseducation of Cameron Post, and I’ve been reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Ivan Coyote’s Tomboy Survival Guide. I love lesbian literature and vampires, so they go hand in hand.

5) What animal or creature best describes you?

I’d be a Poitou donkey because I’m stubborn, smart, and diligent! Plus they have really big fluffy ears and are so curly and cute.

6) Describe your favourite meal.

My favourite meal is coconut curry stir fry with extra broccoli!
Getting to Know – Elliott Sukorokoff

Getting to Know – FakeKnot with Ralph Escamillan and Daria Mikhaylyuk

1) How did the two of you meet? What drawn you to work with each other?

At blends
D – he liked my red hat
R – I liked her red hat

2) What is your all-time favourite performance you have seen?

D – the MET gala
R – Vader – Peeping Tom

3) Who are some musicians/artists you listen to when rehearsing?

D – whatever Ralph is listening to
R – Prince

4) What is your guilty pleasure TV/Netflix show?

D – Sabrina
R – I was in that

5) Where is the best place you have travelled to? and why?

D – Canada – dance is good
R – Japan – Ramen

6) What foods do you eat before and after performing?

D – citrus anything
R – Ramen
Getting to Know – FakeKnot with Ralph Escamillan and Daria Mikhaylyuk

Getting to know – Chipo Chipaziwa

1. Who are some of your favourite artists/artworks?

Some of my favourite artists are Hans Haacke, Pope L., Adrian Piper, John Baldessari, David Hammons, and Guadalupe Martinez: I tend to be drawn to artists who create performative works, conceptual art and pieces which address identity politics.

2. Describe your best memorable experience while studying at UBC.

My best memorable experience whilst studying at UBC would probably be the late nights / early mornings where me and my friends were at the Audian studios discussing our processes and ideas for upcoming projects. It was during those moments I realized that having a community, being in relation to others, is a pivotal part of my artistic practice.

2. Name your favourite food(s).

My favourite foods are my mother’s lasagna, MeeT’s calamari, and fruit snacks.

4) What is your guilty pleasure music artist to listen to?

My guilty pleasure musical artist I listen to is honestly the Jonas Brothers. I used to obsessed with Joe Jonas in middle school and I have been hearing some of their new material here and there and I actually enjoy it!


5) What TV/Netflix shows you are binge watching these days?

Recently I have been watching Neon Genesis Evangelion on Netflix. It is an anime and I do not know if I can describe it anymore beyond that. It has a compelling storyline and I am still working my way through it –  I will say this though, it can go to some dark places! Another series I have been watching is Abstract: The Art of Design. I want to hear people’s stories, and their interests and this documentary series takes a thoughtful approach in how it introduces you to various fields and ways of thinking / doing.

6) You recently went to New York, which area was most inspirational to you?

In New York, I would say there was not any one place in particular which was the most inspirational to me – what was the most inspirational to me was the people I engaged with – whether it be old high school friends or new friends I made during a night out, the process of connecting with others with the sole intent to be together is honestly what inspires me.



Getting to know – Chipo Chipaziwa

Meet the Curator: Antonio Somera Jr.


Antonio Somera Jr. is a quirky character, robust space-eater, and a nimble cat-lover from Vancouver, Canada.  He enjoys participating in street dance and contemporary dance events and enjoys having a drink or two with friends.  As an dance artist, Antonio interprets works for local choreographers and companies such as, Julie Chapple/Future Leisure, Dancers Dancing, The Response Dance Company. and OURO Collective. Antonio is super excited to present this next Shooting Gallery Performance Series, and to share  these artists’ talents.

Here’s what Antonio has to say for this show:

“It’s going be an eclectic show, with many interdisciplinary pieces coming from dance, improv, visual artist, spoken word, and theatre! I wanted to bring different communities together in one space, and I believe these artists represent their own quite boldly.  Each artist I have selected has some sort of play and interactivity within their works. Whether it be interacting with the audience, f*cking up the space and objects, or playing with inner dialogue, these artists are pretty damn smart! and they are also awesome humans to chill with.  Expect to be weirded out and confused, and to experience a few chuckles here and there, but overall, it’ll be one hella fun night!”