Meet the Presenters

Julianne ChappleChapple-05_edspence

Julianne is a Vancouver based choreographer, performer, and circus weirdo with a penchant for moving slowly and choreography that leaves bruises.

Like Sarah, she was initially unimpressed by her childhood ballet classes and preferred instead to produce incoherent theatrical performances in her parents basement. She grew up in Langley, BC, drawing pictures and playing the piano. Then writing angsty poetry and wearing black lipstick. Then, eventually, discovering contemporary dance.

She now lives in Mt Pleasant with her husband and her cat. She is currently artist in residence at The Dance Centre in Vancouver.

Meet the Presenters

Meet the presenters

Photo Credit: Yvonne Chew

Sarah Gallos

Born in NDG in Montreal.

Took her first dance class at the YMCA where she also went to preschool and took swimming lessons. She didn’t like dance class, too much skipping. Swimming was more her thing.

Swimming in lakes, Indian Harbour Lake to be exact. Or jumping off the rocks at The Rocks. Or when her family moved to the ‘burbs, in the pool at the Cegep in Ste Anne de Bellevue.

When Sarah was at theatre school she created a short piece about crossing the river Styx that had “C is for cookie” written into the script. It was brilliant.


Sarah has a family┬ánow and likes dancing more then swimming…. most of the time.
Meet the presenters