Meet the Artists – Sophia Wolfe

Q+A w/ Sophia Wolfe

1) Has art ever changed your mind about something?
Absolutely, everyday, all the time!

2) If you could hang out with the ghost of any artist passed, who would it be? what would you do?
Micheal Jackson, he’d teach me how to sing and dance.

3) Is the project you’re creating for Shooting Gallery beginning with any specific questions?
I am curious about different ways that I can immediately collect and view audiences visual perspectives through their smart phones, and how that can be re-shaped, recycled and transformed into something else.

4) Can you tell us about a work of art which you remember because of your emotional reaction to it? (Whether you liked it or not)
I recently watched She, Mami Wata & The Pussy Witchhunt, by Frank Theatre. It was mind-blowing transported me into new realms and dimensions. D’Bi Young Anitafrika was something out of this world, and told stories through her incredible spirt and presence. She transformed in ways I had never seen a performer transform before and it was so inspiring to witness. I won’t ever forget it.

5) What’s your favourite thing to make for dinner?
Anything that involves noodles!

6) Do you have any hobbies?
Forever making plans for a vacation…

7) Embarrassing story or confession?
Watching Terrace House (a Japanese reality TV show, kind of like Big Brother) in my free time… Im trying to learn Japanese!

Photo credit: Sammy Chien @soar55

-Maxine Chadburn
Meet the Artists – Sophia Wolfe

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