Meet the Artists – Priscilla Costa


This week we’re introducing you all to Priscilla Costa. She is a warm, high energy clown artist and an excellent host! When I arrived at her East Vancouver home, she welcomed me with lemon water and rose tea. A plate filled with cheese, crackers and fruit followed not long after. We sat on the floor of her living room, sipped tea and recorded our chat which was prompted by a few thoughts of her own and questions of mine.

Take a listen and get a glimpse of our first artist of the 9th Shooting Gallery Performance Series!

Here, Priscilla touches briefly on what drives her to perform!

Priscilla shares her experience navigating the draw of darkness, and confessions of an existential clown breakdown here and there. We discuss the balance of when to dig and when to wait.

*** a few curse words in there, consider yourself warned.

-Maxine Chadburn

Meet the Artists – Priscilla Costa

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