Getting to Know – Courtenay Mayes and Chloe Richardson


1) How did the two of you meet? What were your first impressions of each other?

Chlo: blind tiger improv. i liked her coat but i never told her. we locked eyes and the kook in me saw the kook in her.

Co: I really liked that Chloe came to class either literally crying or mid-panic attack. I just related to her instantly.

2) Who is an artist/artwork that you take inspiration from?

Chlo: yorgos lanthimos <33333 and watching the general public. the liveliness, oddities, and interactions leading up to the decision to expose themselves.

Co: I like Bridget Moser.



3) What’s your number 1 song on repeat?

Chlo: rhythm of the night – debarge.

Co: love on the brain – Gigamesh remix – Rihanna

4) Describe the last meal you two shared together?

Chlo: caveman cafe and the saddest spinach salad you’ve ever seen from the remnants of my cupboard.

Co: I like that my friends force me to eat green things because my diet is mostly beige.

5) What TV/Netflix series are you watching these days?

Chlo: portlandia and explained.

Co: I haven’t watched TV since I was 13!

6) What is a “power move” for you?

Chlo: Nude and new on top of a mountain

Co: Saying no! And this thing I can do with my hips 😛


Getting to Know – Courtenay Mayes and Chloe Richardson

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