Meet the Curator: Antonio Somera Jr.


Antonio Somera Jr. is a quirky character, robust space-eater, and a nimble cat-lover from Vancouver, Canada.  He enjoys participating in street dance and contemporary dance events and enjoys having a drink or two with friends.  As an dance artist, Antonio interprets works for local choreographers and companies such as, Julie Chapple/Future Leisure, Dancers Dancing, The Response Dance Company. and OURO Collective. Antonio is super excited to present this next Shooting Gallery Performance Series, and to share  these artists’ talents.

Here’s what Antonio has to say for this show:

“It’s going be an eclectic show, with many interdisciplinary pieces coming from dance, improv, visual artist, spoken word, and theatre! I wanted to bring different communities together in one space, and I believe these artists represent their own quite boldly.  Each artist I have selected has some sort of play and interactivity within their works. Whether it be interacting with the audience, f*cking up the space and objects, or playing with inner dialogue, these artists are pretty damn smart! and they are also awesome humans to chill with.  Expect to be weirded out and confused, and to experience a few chuckles here and there, but overall, it’ll be one hella fun night!”



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