Getting to know – Chipo Chipaziwa

1. Who are some of your favourite artists/artworks?

Some of my favourite artists are Hans Haacke, Pope L., Adrian Piper, John Baldessari, David Hammons, and Guadalupe Martinez: I tend to be drawn to artists who create performative works, conceptual art and pieces which address identity politics.

2. Describe your best memorable experience while studying at UBC.

My best memorable experience whilst studying at UBC would probably be the late nights / early mornings where me and my friends were at the Audian studios discussing our processes and ideas for upcoming projects. It was during those moments I realized that having a community, being in relation to others, is a pivotal part of my artistic practice.

2. Name your favourite food(s).

My favourite foods are my mother’s lasagna, MeeT’s calamari, and fruit snacks.

4) What is your guilty pleasure music artist to listen to?

My guilty pleasure musical artist I listen to is honestly the Jonas Brothers. I used to obsessed with Joe Jonas in middle school and I have been hearing some of their new material here and there and I actually enjoy it!


5) What TV/Netflix shows you are binge watching these days?

Recently I have been watching Neon Genesis Evangelion on Netflix. It is an anime and I do not know if I can describe it anymore beyond that. It has a compelling storyline and I am still working my way through it –  I will say this though, it can go to some dark places! Another series I have been watching is Abstract: The Art of Design. I want to hear people’s stories, and their interests and this documentary series takes a thoughtful approach in how it introduces you to various fields and ways of thinking / doing.

6) You recently went to New York, which area was most inspirational to you?

In New York, I would say there was not any one place in particular which was the most inspirational to me – what was the most inspirational to me was the people I engaged with – whether it be old high school friends or new friends I made during a night out, the process of connecting with others with the sole intent to be together is honestly what inspires me.



Getting to know – Chipo Chipaziwa

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