Meet the Artists – Antonio Somera

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This piece began with no meaning. Just had a bunch of thoughts that I wanted to play with. It is simple ideas, simple games I like to play with myself, in my mind mostly. But then I realized that sometimes the simplest things have the most deep complexity in itself.

Some of my inspirations came from binge watching netflix and youtube such as:
-How I met your mother
-New Girl
-Ted Talks
-waacking dance battles
-soundtracks to video games like Kingdom Hearts
-Studio Ghibli films
-Rupaul’s drag race

I wanted to combine my knowledge in waacking dance style, integrating it with physical contemporary movement, and adding the drama and emotional content from these videos. And just giving it a try to see if all these elements can work together or not, but you can tell me if it did after the show. 🙂

Throughout this process, it seemed like I was able to discover more personal realizations about myself and was subconsciously integrating my own mental world into this piece. Which I like to believe is a sign that I am becoming an artist (yay!). A big thanks to Joanna and Josh for going through the trials and tribulations with me, and I am also thankful that I am able to share some vulnerabilities to you.

Falling from grace, when there wasn’t any to start with. Falling because the leaves outside are doing it.
Falling in and out of mind, hindsight, fist fights. Falling into me and into you.
Falling like we’re kids, innocent and carefree.
Falling without inhibitions, with ambition.
Falling with the burden of my insecurities.
Falling because I just like the adrenaline
Falling is intuition, and sometimes we don’t catch ourselves. Falling is okay.

Meet the Artists – Antonio Somera

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