Meet the Artists – Julianne Chapple


This piece doesn’t have a title yet.

Maybe you can name it for me? Find me in the lobby after the show and tell me what you think.

It started with watching men dance together. I looked closely and could see the details of their interactions; where they were using their strength to smooth out the weight exchanges when their bodies didn’t quite match up. I think this is a reason we don’t see much in the way of women lifting in dance, it requires so more care if you have a smaller frame.

I wanted to discover two things: what could two female bodies really achieve in terms of strength based partnering, and what if we didn’t try to hide those precarious moments?

You’ll see Maxine and me put our trust in each other. You’ll see our muscles shake. You’ll see us hesitate and offer and give in.

This piece doesn’t have an ending yet. I’m trying to take my time and not rush to create something whole. This is a little something; the beginning of a larger exploration.

Meet the Artists – Julianne Chapple

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