Meet the Artists- Ray Prendergast


Hello. My name is Ray, and I am thrilled to be a part of the Shooting Gallery Performance Series next month! As the days grow shorter and the time grows nearer I feel these weights we carry feel a little heavier, and our pondering become a little deeper.

We draw lines to separate our different sides. Sometimes these lines can be quite thick, almost walls to keep things out or hold things close. We separate parts of ourselves to find order and clarity in each small section. It is easier and less chaotic to know all the small sides of yourself rather than see it as one huge picture to navigate through. But why do we draw these borders, does it make us more secure to have separate versions of ourselves?

I try as much as I can, as a human, to erase the lines that we draw which separate these different parts of my life, I feel that my creativity is in no way separate from my life. I hope to have one version of myself which can be adapted and moulded to change as I grow. My creativity is who I am, and I think to a certain extent it is what defines who we all are. It’s how we choose and respond in any situation, it colours our world and changes how we feel about things. Our creativity is really and truly the essence of who we are whether or not we are conscious of it. I would like to, as much as it sounds cliche in a way, think of my life as a creative process. Building and developing each day into what I need in the moment. Of course it sounds great when I say it out loud and it doesn’t always happen exactly that way but, I have always tried to stay true to myself and in that have really broken down the walls that were drawn initially. To me creativity is a vital part of human nature and I truly believe that everyone (whether they are aware of it or not) is extraordinarily creative and we don’t have to separate our creative time and our ‘real life’ time. It is how we see the world and how I have found a tether. It is how I find myself within this madness.

Meet the Artists- Ray Prendergast

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