Meet the Artists – Sarah Gallos


I am Sarah Gallos. I am co-producing Shooting Gallery Performance Series #1 as well as showing a new work.

I am drawn to art that looks quick, thrown together, raw. On the other hand, I’m drawn to precision, beauty and classic proportions. I like art that makes me feel something other than sleepy. I’m the parent of a two and a half year old, so it takes a bit more these days to get me out of my tired brain. When I see something new, something for the first time, it makes me feel awake. I like performance that makes me work a little, challenges me to make sense of it all, moves me forward on my seat, and makes my heart beat a little bit faster. Fresh blood, oxygenated blood to my brain, that’s what fuels my love of creation. I hope Shooting Gallery will do that for you.

Because this is the first Shooting Gallery, it is setting the standard for future Shooting Galleries. The willingness of those involved to plunge into something unknown gives them the freedom to create freely and without reservation. I had an idea and went with it. I’m still not sure how it will work. That’s ok though, that’s what SG is about. Julie and I wanted to make something where creators/ performers didn’t need to overly explain themselves. The show happens and they learn from that performance. The curator/ producer takes on a more present role and defends the artists in their creations.

My own hesitation to create comes from not knowing where the work will be shown, how it will be received, where I fit in. Shooting Gallery is giving our work the space to breath and stretch and change in. Shooting Gallery is also the place to fail and then move on. The lack of opportunity for stage time in Vancouver puts too much importance on “works in progress”. Shooting Gallery performances will live in their moment, to the fullest of their potential and in that, even works that fall flat, those works will make a huge bang as they hit the stage.

The road to Shooting Gallery performance series #1 has been really easy. I feel when something is meant to happen, it happens without force. Maybe it’s just that the work seems worth it for the expected yet unknown outcome. I don’t really know what it’s going to be, but I’m excited. And the people that are surrounding this event are so supportive and willing to offer up what’s needed without really knowing what it is. They are making this journey a breeze.

Come watch some new works- it’s going to be great!

Meet the Artists – Sarah Gallos

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