Meet the Artists – Ashley Pietro


East Coast native, here. I spent my childhood venturing around Scotts Mountain in Warren County, New Jersey, picking raspberries from my red wagon, riding on the back of my grandfather’s lawnmower, and gathering black tulips from the garden. I carry a little piece of home wherever I go, i.e. my accent where ‘water’ is ‘wooder’ and ‘coffee’ is ‘cawfee.’ At the sweet age of six, my mother enrolled me in dance lessons because, according to her, I had horrific posture. I now identify as a contemporary dancer/choreographer because I had really, really shitty posture …and it’s still, probably, not that great. I lived in Boston, Massachusetts for five years while exploring my artistic voice as a dancer and poet at The Boston Conservatory, and where I discovered my passion for Floral Design at Boson-local florist, Fern. This is also where I met my musically inclined, Alexander Technique-certified partner, John Moxley. I then moved to Mazatlan, Mexico for six months to further investigate movement. It was the most physically challenging, emotionally compromising time of my adult life where I asked myself questions. The majority of those questions usually relating to sopa de tortilla, lambrusco, or, more specifically, “How many days am I willing to take an ice-cold bird bath before I force myself up to the rooftop to reignite the hot water heater?” It was a long and windy fucking process. After I skipped out on the entirety of New England’s winter, John and I took two months to drive across the United States to where we would eventually settle— Seattle, Washington. We currently live in a Tangletown annex with 23 healthy, happy houseplants. I am constantly covered in dirt or flower material.

My work is confrontational and caffeinated.

Meet the Artists – Ashley Pietro

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