Meet the Artists – Katie Cassady


When Julie suggested that we write about an intense or inspiring art experience for this blog post, it brought me back to many amazing and transforming experiences that I have had in my life with art. I was reminded of many art experiences which have brought me to where I am today in my own artistic practice, experiences which have formed my own perception of the boundaries of what art can be, and experiences which have changed the way I perceive the world around me, all of which have inspired me to pursue a life creating and studying art.

One experience, which I will share, was particularly memorable in changing my own idea of what art could be. In 2006, my family took a trip to France, and on that trip we visited the Pompidou in Paris. The Pompidou was as striking architecturally for me as the content was. Within the gallery I remember wandering through seemingly endless installations, containing miniature realms full of extremes. One room was painted entirely pink with a gigantic version of a pink high heel shoe, another had a video of a man walking around a painted square on the floor, and another a car that was destroyed as if in a car crash. Along the hallway there were about twenty projections of flowers, laid over one another, creating a jarring moving effect that was absolutely unbearable to look at. There were also couches covered in blankets laid out in the main hall, continuous with the exhibition space, which we dozed on during our visit. My fourteen year old self was blown away not only by the scale of the exhibit, but by the way art could take on any form and be so powerful and immersive. I think that was the point too when I fell in love with how powerful the absurd and the extreme could be. I feel this experience at the Pompidou was one which changed my own idea of art in a very profound way.

Meet the Artists – Katie Cassady

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